Emergency Locate Request

An emergency locate request is defined as:

A situation where an underground facility requires immediate repair and/or endangers public safety and/or property.

Emergency locate requests include, but are not limited to:

  • An unforeseen excavation necessary in order to prevent a condition that poses a clear and immediate danger to life or health
  • An excavation required to repair a utility service outage
  • An immediate excavation required in order to prevent significant property or environmental damage
  • The repair of an existing unstable condition which may result in any of the conditions listed above (i.e. a leak in any service or main, or a fault in a primary/secondary wire or cable).

When calling 811 Chicago for an Emergency Locate request, inform the operator that an emergency situation exists and be prepared to explain the situation/conditions. An immediate notification will be transmitted to all 811 Chicago members.

Every person who engages in emergency excavation or demolition shall take all reasonable precautions to avoid or minimize interference between the emergency work and existing underground utility facilities in and near the excavation or demolition area.